8-weeks Post-op: Total Knee Replacement

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Here’s a nice, short video on total knee rehabilitation after 8 weeks, post-op. Generally speaking, the rehab process entails many basic exercises and drills that the patient would be required to do at home. In this video, you get an opportunity to see the process from the PT’s perspective — what will be done and how, in the clinic. As for the length of rehab, it varies. For most insurances, there can be up to 24 visits allowed for Physical Therapy. Unfortunately, many insurances are limiting the visits a patient can have to receive treatments or are limiting the amount of money the insurer will pay for rehab, which in-turn cuts the length of time a patient may receive therapy. In this video, after 8 weeks, this patient has about 1 month or 4 weeks to go for full recovery…so you can figure it takes about 3 months or 12 weeks to obtain full recovery. Just remember as we tell our surgical patients at Elam Sports O`ahu, we need to follow the 3-6-12 rule where the first 3 months are crucial and therapy is of utmost importance. At the 6 month mark, you will feel “whole” and may even forget you had surgery just 6 months earlier! But even though feeling better, cellular healing of human tissue can take up to 12 months or longer so pay attention to your activities and ensure that you are completely healed.

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